What are your FUE doctor recommendations (worldwide)?


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Have been doing FUE transplant research for the last year and seems like the more I research the harder the choices are for my FUE :( I’m in Miami, FL but am willing to travel to most places to get great results for reasonable pricing. I’m listing the top FUE docs (not in order of preference) I have found but would love to hear what your top FUE doctor choices would be so i don’t leave any stone unturned. Thank you in advance!

1) Hasson & Wong (Canada)
2) Dr. Erdogan / Asmed Clinic (Turkey)
3) Dr. U (LA)
4) Dr Couto (Spain)
5) Dr Baubac / Alvi Armani
6) Dr Rahal (Canada)

If you have any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

Dr. Suhail Khokhar

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Dr. Panine. He's been doing excellent work for the past 25+ years. Stanford surgery trained, board certified in dermatology, and a very ethical doctor. His work is ultra-refined and he's very involved throughout the procedure.


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Here are my top 5 doctors:

1. Konior
2. Reddy
3. Eugenix
4. Nader
5. Couto

My choice for you given your budget and location, Luis Nader in Reynosa Mexico. $2.00-$2.50 USD per graft. So that means a 2000 graft procedure would cost you $4000-$5000, plus the cost of travel to Mexico and lodging. Probably another $700-$1000.