[VOTE] What type of Topical Minoxidil do you use?

What type of Topical Minoxidil do you use?

  • Rogaine/Regaine Minoxidil Solution 5%

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  • Sigma Skin Minoxidil 5%

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  • Minoxidilmax 15%

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I have recently started a combination of Rogain Foam in the morning and Kirkland 5% in the afternoon

I am only applying it to my hairline as this is the only area where I have been affected by hair loss.

My inital observations;

Rogaine is very easy to apply and takes 2-3 minutes to dry before styling your hair. This makes it perfect for morning application.

Kirkland Minoxidil at 5% takes an age to dry, up to 20 minutes. I feel that perhaps the liquid is more effective but also a lot more messy and impractical for styling.

When my 3 month supply of Kirklands runs out I will consider upping to 10% and possibly even 15%

My question is.... Are their any Minoxidil creams out there which 15%? A cream you could rub in would be a lot easier to apply than liquid!