Trying Emu Oil, Monoxidil, Dmso Estriol Blend


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Nice progress. I too am on estriol, but ten times the dosage. People are really sleeping on this as a treatment.

As for the concern with pets, estriol is a very weak estrogen, and it's prescribed to dogs in higher doses than they would get from licking your pillow. I can't imagine it causing any problems for them unless you let them drink the bottle. It's great for hair growth, but the systemic effects are not much as it has low potency and little affinity for estrogen receptor alpha. Minoxidil is far more dangerous, especially to cats.
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Hi, Glad you are seeing good results with Estriol.

I beg to differ on the advice re keeping all pets away from this hormone by unintended means such as licking your skin where the Estriol has been applied. I speak from personal experience and I made my beloved little pal very ill. It took months to recover once I became aware of the sudden changes, particularly in her genitalia. She was itching, licking herself there to the point of injuring herself. Only my vet made the link, asking me direct if any women in my house were using topical HRT. When the penny dropped, I was mortified. At the time, only Estriol was being used, not the other 2 main Estrogens. She licked me wherever she could (the dog, not the Vet) as she sniffed the Emu oil - dogs are nuts about the smell and taste of it. It doesn't take much effort to keep them away from it, and I would say, why not err on the side of caution ?

An update - I did get great satisfaction from this method, and I recently was able to take my improved hairline for a full surgical scalp advancement. I now have the hairline shape and pattern I want, I would not have had as good results without the extra hair the Estriol/Emu oil granted me.

I'll photograph in due course, still all sutures and gore right now