Transplant Recipient With Hair Loss...

Dafydd Hewes

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Hello. Writing in behalf of my wife. She is a liver transplant, 27 years out. For some backstory stuff, I put together for her 25th transplant anniversary.. link at the bottom.

She is on immunosupressants, very low dose. She has incurred 6 total joint replacements (yes, 6..). She has insult to her body in more than a few ways. Has arthritis, not rheumatoid tho it runs in her family). Experiences inflammation definitely. Has been to several dermatologists. Diagnosis all are promising as they see pattern loss which points to hormonal. But the docs are stymied when it comes to prescription DHT blockers. Several then recommend alternatives which, well… am coming here to hopefully hear from anyone who may have ideas on how to come at this, think about this..

I can supply a more detailed medical analysis of course, and dermatologist diagnosis too. But needed to start somewhere.

Currently have been supplying her with biotin, pumpkin seed powder, iron (but propensity to constipation makes this a challenge), collagen…

Thoughts anyone?