Topical vitamin D3 - anyone tried it for Androgenetic Alopecia


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There are Clinical studies on the effectiveness of Topical Vitamin D3 for Alopecia Areata, and some studies linking low serum Vitamin D3 to Androgenetic Alopecia, and some studies suggesting that oral Vitamin D may be a useful adjuvant in Androgenetic Alopecia.

But I can find zero studies nor anecdotal experience of topical Vitamin D3 for Androgenetic Alopecia.

Surprisingly, topical Vitamin D3 DOES NOT increase serum Vitamin D3 levels, but it does apparently act to reduce oxidative stress on the skin, so whether it can improve response to Androgenetic Alopecia is an open question.

I would like to ask if anyone with Androgenetic Alopecia has tried topical Vit D3, and if so, what your experience has been?


You need the active form of vitamin D

normal supplements being sold online are useless and not activated

you can buy the active form with a prescription

vitamin d2 is also useless.

normal D3 is cholecalciferol - being sold everywhere and in my opinion is useless.
calcitriol is the activated form.
calcipotriol is the synthetic version of calcitriol.

This is why activated vitamin D might be bad for you
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final thoughts

you want

D3 Liquid (Micellized)​

MCT oil is greasy and doesn't absorb, it sits on the skin