There Will Never Be A "cure" For Baldness


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No, I'm that guy who believes in the science and research that has been put forth. I wouldn't call myself an "optimist" because I don't inherently look on the bright side of things. Like most, until I started losing hair, this topic was of no interest to me at all. When I first started reading about conventional treatments and future ideas, I wasn't really convinced much of anything good was likely to happen.

Everything changed in the last few months, though - especially in regards to Tsuji. What's happening right now is historically unprecedented in regards to hairloss treatments. Treatments in Phase II, some even in III, fully functional follicles grown in labs with the aim of commercializing that treatment in the not-too-distant future, solid science backing it etc.

So yeah, when all these people are like "Oh well, they said the cure was coming 20 years ago and it never did." Yeah well, this isn't 20 years ago - the situation and technology is different and better. What "they" said decades ago doesn't matter because it wasn't backed by anything more than the predictions of hopeful futurists.

This year has been a ground-breaking one for regenerative medicine. OpenBionics has created a functional, Deus Ex inspired bionic arm that you'll be able to 3D print yourself in 2017, scientists discovered an enzyme in mitochondria that is responsible for wrinkling skin and could very well lead to treatments resulting in youthful skin, Tsuji is growing teeth, skin and hair, Shiseido is carrying on where RepliCel left off, Follica and Histogen are on the home-stretch and CRISPR is being put to human trials.

It's simply dishonest to suggest that the past was just like this.
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