The 100% guaranteed solution to prevent hair loss and it's free.


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I am a male and would have definitely lost my hair at age 18 if I had not discovered the solution, and it's free. I've posted here for many years, but no one really pays much attention to my regimen because it's too simple and it's free, so they don't attach any value to it. Until a solid treatment come around, my regimen is the best and guaranteed to work. Of course, it's so simple that many people on the forum will dismiss it.

The solutions: wash, wash, wash you hair. Every single day and twice a day or more if your scalp gets sweaty, hot and greasy. You can use any shampoo, it doesn't matter but make sure it's a shampoo that removes the scalp sebum and not one of these shampoos that is so mild that you may as well use water.

Vitamins, minerals, etc: useless (most undernourished people in third world countries actually have good hair and don't lose it.
Fancy shampoos etc,: no need, just basic cheap shampoo every morning and night if you are young, as you get older maybe once day is enough. Never, ever miss a day and never ever go to bed with a hot, sweaty, greasy scalp.

People with good hair have dry scalps, people who are losing hair have shiny, greasy scalps, hair and foreheads.

Try it for 30 days and thank me on day 31. I'm over 70 and I know for a fact this works. Don't follow my advice and live with the consequences. Follow it and you'll be happy. I could go on and on about the mechanism of action and why this works and I have done it in several forums, but the naysayers come out of the woodwork. Don't pay attention to anything more, I will not post here again and I will not read or reply to any messages.