Temple Regrowth 3 Months In With Pictures. minoxidil+derma Roller


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Hi guys

in July and August I was obsessing about my hair-loss and it was not doing my mental state of mind any good. So I read a lot on this forum- I did post my story but I then made some decisions on treatment. I decided against Finasteride the fear was too real to even try for me.

1. 5% Minoxidil Liquid Twice a day
2. Derma-rolling Once a week
3.Pura D'or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (1% Keta + broad spectrum DHT blocking ingredients)
4. Biotin, Zinc, MSM, Saw Palmeto tablets everyday.

I also try to eat healthy, also started Vit D,and A Supps last week.
I experienced no side effects from anything.

I am feeling positive and try not to obsess over my hair. There was some shedding when I started minoxidil, although it was only a few hairs on my hands in the shower. Didn't really count or obsess over it, just did my routine.

This was my hairline in July 2016
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3 Months after: (now)

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Thanks for your time. Tell me what do you think of my progress.

How are you doing in 2018?


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How are you doing in 2018?

Hey man

I am doing okay, hair loss is still proceeding unfortunately. I couldn't keep up with the minoxidil - looking back now at this post and pictures, i maybe should have? but i couldn't deal with applying that nasty chemical to my head at night or in the morning so I just stopped.

Since then I started taking finasteride, and currently using it with biotin and zinc and the pur'dor anti hair loss shampoo.

This is how my hair looks now (pics attached)

I am pretty bummed out about my hair loss at the moment. I recently cut my hair very short so it looks different from the pictures now but sad to see i am still loosing hair despite the finasteride, zinc, biotin and expensive shampoo.

Is there some new treatment to look forward to anyone?


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seems like all your gains has gone , you should have switched to foam and thinking it like a shampoo. I don't think finasteride alone will give those hairs back.

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First picture showed the swarm of little hairs on your temples and minoxidil is the only thing that worked to get it back (forget the other bs you took). Same happened to me.

Then one day I stopped minoxidil and lost a Norwood. Literally, within two months. I went backwards. Finasteride was going to bring it all back but sides heh.

Your hair is still there. Alive. Just sleeping. I say start minoxidil again but take good care of timing and dosages. Also give the finasteride some time. If you shed and hair has a small white bulb at their edge it means it’s working because the shed happens so that new stronger and thicker hair can emerge.

sh*t sucks even when it’s working I feel you.


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His hair in a way looks worse after he stopped minoxidil. I really think consistent use of minoxidil is bad for hair. In fact I read one study it increases dht.

Minoxidil is just not a good treatment long term. I feel like wounding and then using minoxidil and retinol and even calcitriol right after after is important. I just did that myself and we will see if I get any results. I don’t plan on using the minoxidil after another day.

The mechanism that naturally is supposed to produces pge2 in our follicles is not working for whatever reason and we need to fix that somehow

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@whiteafrican : How is your progress now? Is it working with needling and finasteride? Have you regained your lost hair after stopping minoxidil? Technically, it should work as the wounding is supposed to regrow vellus hairs and finasteride would help it get thicker because the follicle would not be attacked by DHT