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Telogen Enfluvium Hair Loss, Diffuse Thinning

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by Hope for hope, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Nov 26, 2017
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    I'm 33 and have diffuse hair loss for about 6 months now. My hair has gotten so thin from the bouts of diffuse shedding that you see some of my scalp in lines at back or head/crown and some in front. I've gone through about 2-3 bouts of hair loss since May2017 triggered from the flu and stress I think. I was on the pill as well- trinessa and recently switched back to ortho tri cyclen lo since I never had issues with that and was on it for 8 years prior to the trinessa, I was on trinessa for about a year when my shed started. I was also on Wellbutrin for a year and stopped when my shed started in May and it continued so I'm sure it wasn't the Wellbutrin.
    I had all tests done and my iron was low-27- in July and was put on iron pills 27mg twice daily and it's now at 88 (yay) but my vitamin D is on the low side of the normal range so I just started Vitamin D supplements. I mostly shed long hairs with the white bulb at the end and currently shed about 15-30 hairs a day now and have lots growth along the hairline that looks like bangs and some throughout the top of my scalp. My hairloss is all over my scalp and It kindafeels like a buzz?? Idk why.
    I've been through so many ups and downs with this hair loss that I don't even know what's normal anymore. Shedding 15-30 hairs a day seems normal but to someone that's suffered about 2/3 hair loss, any hair loss is hard to see. I have to admit I've gotten so depressed since my last shed in September and praying that it was my last shed. I was told in August that I had telogen enfluvium by my derm and I want to go back again soon for another check up to make sure it's not more than that. It's hard to not stress about stressing about hair loss if that makes sense and I'm trying other things like reading and exercising to keep my mind from worrying.
    Can anyone relate to this? Ive heard it's possible to prolong Telogen Effluvium by chronic stress and hormonal changes so I'm hoping I'm doing more good than harm right now. I just started Viviscal vitamins today and will keep you updated on that. I just hope for the day that my hair fullness comes back. I had a head full of super dark thick hair that even after straightening it, it was still full and thick everyday and I never once noticed one strand of hair shedding. I pray for those days to come back.
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