Taking the plunge. Advice appreciated - Oral minoxidil


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The only study that directly compared oral with topical was for FPH but again proves that oral is better even at a very low dose

Minoxidil 1 mg oral versus minoxidil 5% topical solution for the treatment of female-pattern hair loss: A randomized clinical trial

After 24 weeks of treatment, the total hair density increased by 12% (95% confidence interval [CI] 8.0%-16.1%) in women taking oral minoxidil and 7.2% (95% CI 1.5%-12.9%) in women applying topical minoxidil

michel sapin

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If I didn't shave everywhere but my head I'd belong on planet of the apes :>

Head hair I guess slightly less shedding, but I'm using zix topically aswell
this shitty drug... so you only get massive unwanted facial/body hair i guess? and no scalp hair result