Taking the plunge. Advice appreciated - Oral minoxidil


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Noticing I'm out of breath quicker at the gym, mid set I need to pause and take a few deep breaths in & out to complete the set. Not ideal


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Jag matcha med en söt kille från tinder från Venezuela. Han vill flytta till Sverige. Han är 24 år.
Vad skönt! Men den där kille nästan tvingade mig att kyssas. Först tyckte jag att vi bara var vänner, men sedan upptäcktes det att han ville något mer… men de kilarna från latinska städer är romantiska det måste jag erkänna


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If I didn't shave everywhere but my head I'd belong on planet of the apes :>

Head hair I guess slightly less shedding, but I'm using zix topically aswell
So you are getting massive body hair gains?


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I have been on 2.5 for 6 months has really filled in my thin spots. No greasy mess, so much easier.


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Really brave.
I am on finasteride and reduce the dosage to 3 mg a week instead of daily 1mg.
Too many mg worries me.
Also on minoxidil foam.

Took both for years.
But frontal still thinning.
Should I change to oral minoxidil?


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study analysis shows that oral minoxidil at 5mg/day is more effective than 5% topical

Question: For male androgenetic alopecia, what is the relative efficacy of monotherapy with orally and topically administered minoxidil, dutasteride, and finasteride?

Findings: In this network meta-analysis of 23 trials, the rank of efficacy across treatments and the relative efficacy for every possible pairwise comparison of treatments were determined for 4 end points (ie, change in total and terminal hair count after 24 and 48 weeks). The results of this meta-analysis indicate that 0.5 mg/d of oral dutasteride has the highest probability of being the most efficacious treatment, followed by these agents in decreasing order of efficacy: 5 mg/d of oral finasteride, 5 mg/d of oral minoxidil, 1 mg/d of oral finasteride, 5% topical minoxidil, 2% topical minoxidil, and 0.25 mg/d of oral minoxidil.