regaining thickness and see-through hair


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I've tried alot of treatments over the years. I started thinning out in my teens and I'm quite a bit older now. I noticed the most I can hope for is less shedding, but nothing has really regained the thickness. Like my scalp will still be see-through especially around the hair line. When I pull back in pony tail there will thin/bald spots. Nothing has really returned the thickness or restored my hairline. It might be slowing it down... but slowing down not completely stopping it.

I've had my hormones checked over these years. My testosterone was only slightly above normal. I take 100mg spironolactone anyway in hopes it might do something. At one point my iron was found to be slightly low (Not sure for how long) a few years ago and I've been taking iron supplements since. My thyroid has been checked and it's in the low end of normal range so not low enough for most doctors to treat (not sure how bad it would have to be to be the cause of hair loss/thinning). I've been using minoxidil for years. I started micorneedling this year using dermaheal hair loss serum. Along with countless other vitamins and treatments here and there.

Now I'm considering oral minoxidil as a last resort, thinking of starting at 0.5 or 1 mg. I'd take a full head of hair again in exchange for shaving a little more hair. :D

has anyone not just stopped the loss but been able to regain thickness? or stop the scalp see-through? I see men are able to regain thickness with DHT blockers and minoxidil but not sure if it's the same for a woman unless her testosterone is up real high like a man's.