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First of all, I want to thank Funky Monkey for answering so many posts when no one else would. That was very sweet.

I've gotten all kinds of bloodwork done -I kept calling doctors until I got want I wanted. But so far everything is normal. That's great. If I'm so normal, then why is it my hair falling out so fast? I feel like I'm in my molting season! I'm shedding like a dog here.

I saw one Doctor who agrees with me that it's probably hormones. Even though my tests came back normal, I know that my hormones are anything but normal. A dermatologist told me it was genetic and gave me Rogaine. I just started it a couple of days ago.

My first question is when does the Rogaine start the shedding process that I've heard so much about? Is it right away or in a couple of weeks? If you don't shed, does that mean it's not working?

What are all these little hairs that I see growing in? Some are gray, some are normal, and some are white. How do I know if the little hairs I see are growing in or if they were broken off? It's confusing.

What is hair integration and how successful is it for women? I'm losing hair pretty much all over, but mostly in the front and the top in the back.

I don't understand why most people lose their hair gradually over a period of years, and mine has taken only weeks. Could the highlighting I got about a month ago have anything to do with it?

And one more question - I've heard only bad things about Dr. Redmond. Does anyone have any positive comments about him? He seems to know a lot about Androgenetic Alopecia when other doctors don't. I'm assuming that's what I have after all I've read and knowing my hormonal history. I've emailed him and he responds almost immediately, which is very impressive. But no one ever has anything nice to say about him. I'm wondering whether I should go see him or not.

Thanks for any help any of you can give me.