Opinion On Dr. Bruno Ferreira (portugal)

dark souls

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Did anyone get a hair transplant at Dr. Bruno Ferreira. I saw this Video from some guy on reddit where he documents his hair transplant journey. Only 5.5 months in and he already has good density, plus it seems the hair line looks really good and natural.

I researched a bit about him and he seems he is obsessed with hair line (in a positive way). I also found Before/After pictures for his Operations and most of them Look pretty impressive.



Just wondering if someone can share their opinion about him.


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Ye he starting to get famous. This guy also posted on HRN and there alot of talking about Ferreira there, but not much paitnet reviews. You will find more at the spanish forum. I think he is good. But I dont see anything extra ordinary about him, the results of the case you published looks average to me.
There are just better options like De Freitas, Feriduni, Pekiner