Not Sure If Hair Loss Or Just Thin Hair?


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Hi everyone, I'm posting here because I'm not sure if what I have is hair loss or just thin hair. I'm 19/f, been conscious of having thin hair since I was 13/14. I am diagnosed with PCOS, which means that hair loss is a possibility, but again, I'm not so sure. My hair is strong, even though the strands are fine, and I can tug on it and nothing will come out. I don't really shed hair or collect copious amounts of it in my brush. Unfortunately I can't say if it's gotten thinner or not because I don't have any good pictures for comparison, it was definitely somewhat thicker when I was very young but photos of me from the age of 12/13 onward seem like they might be of similar thickness. Of course, it's possible that this isn't so and it's just the lighting because those photos aren't great quality.

I've mentioned thin hair to my doctor who agreed that it looks thin and put me on meds for thickening hair (spironolactone). Again, after a year of taking them, I didn't really notice much difference. I took a photo of my scalp the other day (sorry about quality, it's a difficult angle to get) and it kind of looks like it may be female pattern hair loss because it's thinner around the part, but it just seems a bit odd considering everything else. Do you think this looks like thinning hair or thin hair? Thanks everyone!


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