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I am not even sure how to begin...I began losing my hair when I was about 13. That was also about the time I dyed my hair for the first time. I don't know if that has anything to do with my hair loss, but up until then I had a very full head of thick, healthy, curly hair. (The next time I dyed my again was much later on when I was 18.) What I noticed from 13 on was that my hair gradually began to thin all over. Not only was I losing hair all over (top, back, sides, hairline), but my hair strands would grow back thinner and straighter. (My hair is now straight and limp.) I did not get too distressed about it until I experienced a prolonged period of major depression when I began my first year @ college. Then my hairloss became really apparent. Can depression cause hairloss? Also, I have always been EXTREMELY irregular. (On a good year I would get my period maybe 6 times, but usually around 2 to 4 times.) I never sought professional treatment of any kind for my hairloss, menstrual cycle, or depression (no medical insurance). I did try to treat myself with rogaine once, but after 2 weeks, I had to discontinue. My scalp became too irritated and itchy. I had always had a problem with dandruff/dry scalp, but after 2 weeks of rogaine, my scalp became very oily. It actually made my condition worse. (IS THAT POSSIBLE???) Now I have a severe and persistant oil and itch problem that Head & Shoulders and T-Gel won't fix. My scalp is very sensitive and it feels like I have pimples.

Then last year I had a cholecystectomy to treat gallstone pancreatitis. During my stay in the hospital, my hair looked the worst it ever has. It felt dirty all the time even though I would wash it every day. It was dull and very oily, and began falling out. Was that stress?

I am now 23, so I've had this problem for 10 yrs. Since the operation, I have gone to one dermatologist. He did not do any tests on me and told me my hairloss was due to stress/depression and seborrheic dermatitis. He prescribed medication, but it did nothing for me. My scalp is stilly very itchy, sensitive, and oily.

I can now afford medical insurance and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts about my hairloss history. Any feedback would greatly be appreciated, especially if you've had similar circumstances and have found the right treatments. (I have yet to find anyone with a similar case.) I know this is a long post, but this is the first time I've ever inquired about my condition. Thanks in advance to anyone that responds. :D


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RLL - first off, your doctor is wrong and right.

It is not due to stress or depression. It can be made worse by Sebb Dermatitis.

Please read through our Guide to Women's hair loss at:

Your doctor should have done some extensive tests. On the 2nd or 3rd page of the Guide you will see a list of tests you need to have done. If your derm doesn't do it, find one who will. Say it straight up front, you want those tests done. If they say they're not necessary, tell them you understand that but you want them done anyways. Humor them.

That is your first step. Read the guide, then get the tests done, and then come back and let us know if you need any more assistance. Without those tests, there are just way too many unknowns and it makes it very difficult to give advice.

Since your doctor didn't do what was necessary, you'll need to.

Good Luck and let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help.