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Minoxidil Week 5, Does The Dread Shed Ever End?

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by reena, Sep 30, 2017.

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    I'm into week 5 using 5% rogaine 1x daily before bed. I started rogaine during a shedding phase (I've been shedding for 13-14 months). The shedding stayed the same up until week 3 then it REALLY ramped up! I figured that was the dread shed. It has slowed down, but I am still not experiencing 'normal' daily shedding, I kind of wonder if I ever will... The insert says it's normal to experience increased shedding for 2 weeks, but medical literature says this could last 2-8 weeks. I'm hanging on, gonna stick it out. Regrowth would be nice, but what's the point in using it if I am still having Telogen Effluvium like shedding forever? I'd appreciate your thoughts and experiences with minoxidil.

    PS A little background on my hairloss - I've always had super thick hair. Started shedding heavy last summer, and it never really slowed down. 2 derms and a trichologist said telogen effluvium. The derms did not do any thorough examinations, labs, or biopsies. The Trichologist found miniaturization on a dermascope examination, but was reluctant to say it was full blown Androgenetic Alopecia/FPHL, yet she wanted me on treatment/supplements that would combat miniaturization. I chose to start rogaine after a year of this because things are looking much worse. I see another derm in a month.

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