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Is There Any Hope For Pcos Hair Loss

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by Bluelilac, May 6, 2018.

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    May 6, 2018
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    I am 30 years old and used to have (always had since I was a child) long full thick hair with thick bangs. I always used to shed a lot of hair and when I would ask doctors or hairstylists about it I was told it was because my hair was so long and it just seemed like excessive shedding. The hairs I used to shed were thick and healthy looking. Over the years I felt like my hair was thinning but there were no balding areas and I thought it was in my head. Eventually around 2015-16 I noticed the sides of my head became very thin and see through. Seemingly no changes elsewhere or to my part. I questioned doctors and was also having issues with inability to lose weight, mood issues and hot flashes. I thought I was going through early perimenopause. My concerns were dismissed. I begged for hormones to be tested and my total testosterone and prolactin were found to be high. My dumb gyno ignored my testosterone I’m assuming because I wasn’t overweight for my height, no acne or body/facial hair and regular cycles. I wasted a year with an endo trying to sort out my prolactin just to eventually find out I had pcos. The only way I got diagnosed was because I suddenly developed physical signs of it, had a massive headache one night and woke up with my hair shedding crazy amounts. Since then I have lost more than 50% of my hair, way more probably than that. The temples and sides are receded and so thin and bald in spots. I have diffuse hair loss all over my head now. All my strands seem so thin and fine, I think every hair on my head is miniaturized. I started getting increased peach fuzz on my face and body too, which I never had. Ultrasound confirmed cystic ovaries.

    I cannot cope or accept this. I started low androgen birth control, 100mg Spironolactone, and metformin because I found out I’m prediabetic and insulin resistant because apparently doctors didn’t think anything was wrong with me for years because I wasn’t obese! I’m furious. I was told for years I needed psychiatric help and was a hypochondriac with an eating disorder.

    I just want my hair back. Saw a hair specialist and he told me to keep using my meds and start to rogaine on my front hair line. He thinks the diffuse looks can grow back but he doesn’t realize how much I lost and how fast and how thin ALL my hair strands are now. They used to be thick and a rich brown color. They are weak and pathetic and light in color now.

    Is there any hope for me? I was only given 50mg of spironolactone but started taking 100mg because doctors wont take my case seriously. I know I need minimum 200 mg for best possible results.

    Anyone have any advice? Since 3 weeks on the birth control I was able to lose the weight my body was holding on to and am now back to my usual 110 lbs. I started working with a personal trainer to strength train and eat low carb/low glycemic. Cut out all sugar and white flour. Don’t drink or smoke. I think my hair loss is too advanced to be reversed.

    Also scared to use rogaine because if the chance of growing body/facial hair especially having pcos. Right now I only have peach fuzz and I want to keep it that way. If I lose my hair and grow a beard, I’ll just die. I went almost 30 years as a normal seemingly healthy girly type girl. Now I feel like I’m turning into a man. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Pics if my hair attached. Also a pic of my old hair attached. Was still shedding here but thickness was still there. You can see I had lots of hair on my left and right shoulders and I had more in the back you can’t see. Another pic shows all the hair I have left now when pulled together.

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