I’m Terrified, Please Tell Me That My Hair Will Come Back This Time!


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Hi Everyone!

First of all, sorry for my englist! I’m here because I am completely hopeless, I really need some advise, or strenght. I’m in my early 30s and I’m in a middle of a big shedding again.

10 years ago, from a day to another my hair had started to falling out in clamps. I had a diffuse hair loss. I had lost the 1/3 of my hair in months. It revealed that I have Hashimoto disease, and elevated ANA levels, no other reason, no major trauma. Only Diane 35 helped, it stopped the loss, but nothing has came back, no recovery at all. 3 years later I quit Diane, I had a small shed, but it balanced itself. Luckily I had very dense hair before the first shed, so I was grateful of what was remained, despite the fact, that my sides became visibly thinner.

But after a very bad wisdom teeth surgery, months of inflamation and weight loss last May I had a big shed again. At the top of it I have lost 400 hairs under the shower. It was devastating. I’m a mom of a 2 year old, but I wasn’t able to think about anyting else, just my loss. 2,5 months later I found a dermatologist, and she gave me Alpicort Plus which contains prednisolone, and estrogen. I had tried it during my first shed, back then it didn’t helped, but now it stopped the shedding in two weeks. At the first 2 weeks I used it every day, than just 2-3 times a week. In October and November only a few times, when it came into my mind, but I think, that the shedding was normal (40-50 hairs when I washed my hair, 30 on other days). Unfortunately I didn’t see any regrowth, but I tried not to be nervous because of it. I had lost the 1/3 of my hair again. How is it possible???
In december I started to realize, maybe the hair loss will come back. And, for why not, in Christmas day I counted 100 hairs under the shower. The next two weeks the shed was not that bad like 6 months befor (50-150 hairs daily), but I started to panic again, and use Alpicort. I have no more hair to lose! Alpicort stopped the loss, but honlesty, I dont know what is the normal amount of shed, when you have that thin hair. And is it normal, that I didn’t see any major regrowth since May?

So now I really don’t know what to do. My closest partner became anxiety. I can feel the wind on my scalp since May. My sides are so thin, just a few hairs. On my right temple I have no hair at all, and I can see my scalp at the very front, but the thinning is obviously diffuse again. I’m terrified, that my hair won’t come back, like it happened 10 years ago, even I have my thyroid in balance. I’m afraid, that it still could be worse. I hate to touch my scalp, I hate to see myself in a mirror. I’m afraid, that my husband won’t find my attractive anymore, and I'm stressed because the way I look like now, or I will look like if hair loss continues, or another big shed come.

Please tell me, that it’s possible to get back my hair somehow???
That now it really “just” telogen effluvium, and I have the chance for the regrowth. My mom had telogen effluvium in her late 40s because of medicines and it didn’t grow back for her too.:(

The saddest thing, that I had removed my wisdom teeth, because we wanted another baby, and I tried to avoid any difficulty during pregnany, and now no baby and no hair.
Thank you for every answer!