I Think I Have Dupa, Advice Please?


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my hairs been thin forever, I got a hair cut as a teen when my hair was long and thick and all of a sudden the back on my neck was really thinned out and my hair dresser was worried, she thought I was sick. I did blood work etc. and nothing came back. My hairs been fine since, just thin. It goes it spouts of being thicker and thinner. It’s been good this whole year then in the last 3 weeks or so just took a nose dive down for the worst. I was using Nioxin which was new for me, so I’m wondering if that could have been the problem. Regardless, I knew I had thin hair anyhow and was looking to go on finasteride. but have been doing a lot of research the last week, and now I’m 95% sure I have DUPA, which explains things. I’m adding pictures to see what others think. I just want advice as to if that’s the case if it’s worth it to go and still get finasteride. And try and do anything to help it. Don’t realize how much this stuff takes a toll on you until it hits you, but man it sucks. Only 25, no generic history of family hair loss or anything in my dads side, don’t know my moms dad though, never met him but he’s the only thing I could possibly think of.


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What are you even waiting for?? If you don't get on a hair loss regimen, you realize it' going to get way f*****g worse. It's really bad enough as it is.

Hemanth IN

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ohh god. Its really difficult to say whats wrong. before going on finasteride. just throw some money on these tests, do to lab directly.
1. Hb level
2. thyroid T3, T4, TSH
3. Iron content
4. ferritin
5. vitamin B12
6. Vitamin D
also if possible below tests, just to make sure some all are good. bilirubin is for any liver disorders which cause hairloss.
7. testosterone
8. cortisol
9. bilirubin
Sometimes, this may look like crazy to test all these shits, but who know what helps. all hair clinic doctors suspects any type of male's hairloss as Androgenetic Alopecia. talking about dupa, its too rare that no one considered its worth researching it. & what do you do if finasteride dont work as miracle?

ryan Kelley

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Idk if this thread is dead but I’m going to go get some test like you said I’m afraid I have DUPA too. Not quite as bad as this guy. I’ve been told finasteride won’t help and minoxidil will barley do anything. Now I’m scared shitless