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Nov 18, 2019 at 3:01 PM
Mar 9, 2018
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Feb 25, 1995 (Age: 25)

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Senior Member, Male, 25

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Nov 18, 2019
    1. celso217
      Hey Arrade
      I know you used to run the alternate Brotzu site, I bought some homemade brotzu through the site and and had good results. I noticed that both websites have been taken down and I'm about to run out of the last of my brotzu. Do you have any information about Orlando and if he is still running the homemade brotzu operation? Is there a reason you guys took the sites down?
    2. edst
      How can you measure inflammation in the body through blood test?
      1. Arrade
        I’m not sure how you would measure inflammation. You can feel it from burning in tissues.
        I was saying measure unbalanced hormones, which cause inflammation
        Dec 30, 2018
    3. Dougie3756
      Would I be able to join the peptide group? Thread was closed,my email is or could you please give me your info.
    4. GainzPlz
      Hey Arrade, could I please get an invite to the discord and forum? I can contribute a decent portion into the group by a head of time if needed. I would appreciate it IMMENSELY. Thank you for contributing and keeping things positive.
      1. Arrade likes this.
    5. RonRon7775
      Hey Arrade! Can you please add me to the discord group? I would be more than happy to contribute in all the possible ways I can. I understand you guys are trying to figure out where to buy S equol from as it is expensive. I would like to pitch in some money too to make this expensive buy easier on everyone's pockets.
    6. bridges
      Likewise, you seem like one of the only level headed users also following this story. I still believe that Brotzu will make a great solution for those in early stages that don't want to lose their dick to finasteride. Before October I'm desperately trying to get a homemade solution going, or maybe find a lab that's willing to produce in the US where it isn't patented. What's your email? Also trying to join the discord group.
    7. Arrade
      Come at me with a cure, not the dick poison
    8. LongWayHome
      Hey man,
      You seem like the only reasonable human on this forum.
      As the brotzu thread became a mess I would like to talk to you in private about your thoughts etc.
      I'm thinking like you, that it was a very formal conference and the pictures don't necessarily mean we're doomed,
      but it's like talking to a wall in that thread so whatever.
      Do you have any email/whatssap/skype/telegram/hologram so we can talk there?
      1. Arrade likes this.
      2. Arrade
        Private message me your email, I can share my thoughts
        Apr 14, 2018
      3. LongWayHome
        Apr 14, 2018
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    Feb 25, 1995 (Age: 25)
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