How Much Hair Loss Is Normal On Rogaine/minoxodil?


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So I was diagnosed with hair loss about a month ago. Started on rogaine and finasteride.

I feel awkward talking about it with people since, on the outside, I have pretty long (down to my elbows) and thick hair, and I've been growing it out for about eight years. It is thinning at the crown, but I am lucky that I caught it in the very early stages.

I am super proud of my hair. I feel endlessly guilty complaining about it to people as compared to the standard patient for hair loss... well, I'm obviously not that person. I get a tonne of compliments on my hair and it's pretty key to my identity.

I've become pretty obsessed about it recently though. I think I've probably entered the shedding phase of minoxodil. Though I know I need to relax, I've noticed that bits keep fluffing off throughout the day (probably about 20-30, maybe more because I don't seem them all) and when I shower I usually lose about another 30-40 hairs. So by now means vast, but there are definitely some days when it's more--on shampoo days (and combined with breakage) I probably lose about 50-70 hairs in the shower alone.

And these are long hairs, so it's a bit scary to see.

I'm obsessing , I know.

It sucks because I am actually trying to minimise hair loss as much as possible. I tie my hair differently now (usually in looser styles). I sleep on satin pillows. I condition my hair properly! And yet I still feel like I'm in uncharted waters. I've tried to research what my hair could be like but I feel like there's nobody else with my experience. I try and speak honestly about my issues to my friends or family and they laugh in my face. I feel guilty because I have hair which I imagine most folks with hair loss would like to have, yet my treatment has actually meant I'm starting to shed it.

Sure, it's temporary... but I really want to keep my hair long and I'd also rather not wait another 8 years for all my hair to grow out to the same length, you know? Does minoxodil even work for that long?

So... what happens now? Will I end up with 60% 60cm length hair, 40% 2cm length hair after the shedding phase is over? How long will the shedding phase even last?

I'd love to hear back from some ladies who have gone through similar sheds!