Has Anyone Looked Into Fulvic Acid Topically Or Supplement?


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A few years back, after I had my first baby, I was shedding tons of hair and a woman from a postpartum forum mentioned a shampoo line that helped her regain all her hair. I purchased it and used it religiously for two years and now that I recall, I did regain almost all my hair back from that pregnancy. With second pregnancy that company disappeared and I didn’t think much about it. I was already pregnant with second and I had lots of hair at that time, so I just switched to a different hair care line. But sadly, not all of my hair came back after second postpartum. I looked online again for the hair care line but it’s no longer in existence. I don’t understand because it really worked! Just recently I started thinking about that company and looking into their ingredients and their main ingredient was fulvic acid. Which made me start looking into the wonderful properties of fulvic acid.

Here’s one quote: “There are many health benefits of fulvic acid. Its unique chemistry enables it to improve our cells and expedite the absorption of electrolytes. Fulvic acid supplements aid in proper digestion. They also significantly contribute to the reception of probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, microbiota, minerals, and essential fatty acids”

Does anyone know of a hair care line that uses fulvic acid or is there some kind of fulvic acid in liquid form to apply topically of scalp to give better absorption of other nutrients I put on my scalp? Are there supplements? Would they even be as affective?