Hair Loss Clinical Research Pipeline Released


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I've tried everything, nothing helps me... It seems that I will become hopelessly bald in my 30 years.


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So basically in the short term we are hoping to hear something (see photos) from brotzu's lotion before 2016 year end. If that does'n happen then we should hear something solid from Histogen during 2017 (better photos / Mexico timeline update). If that doesn't happen then we should expect something from Sesheido during 2018 (at least photos or posibly treatment release in Japan). If that doesn't hapen then we should expect some news from Tjitsu by 2019 regarding their expected treatment for 2020....Man I hope we get at least a finasteride substitute without sides by 2020! It looks promising but wen I think that I have already waited for more than 10 years for something to work my hopes are turned off...but well, lets try to keep the good vibes!!