Hair fall due to chlorinated tap water


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Hi Everyone,

I am Megha, 28yrs, and I am facing tremendous hairfall for the last two months. I tried almost every hairfall shampoo (SLS & Paraben free) , but none helped. In fact hairfall increased after washing. It is due to the tap water, I am sure. I live in Patna, Bihar, where the tap water is chlorinated. I tried ending my hair wash routine with filtered water, so that it will wash off the excess chlorine residue from my scalp, initially it helped, but then again lots of hairfall.

I, in my life, never faced hairfall issues. Rare & little during the rainy seasons, but that also subsided. But this is the worst. My hair has also got dry & rough at the ends. I daily consume Amla & Aloevera juice in the morning. My diet is also normal.

Please if someone can suggest any solution for my issue, homeopathy or natural-homemade resolutions, which could help me in any way.