Hair Breaking/thinning For The Past Year


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My wife is currently 30, no major stress (other than hair) and no medication or change in diet. For the past year she's had issues with her hair breaking off, to the point that it's now too short and she's afraid it's going to get worse.

A complete blood counting including all of the thyroid tests revealed she is in near perfect medical health with no deficiencies.

We tested water and are high in Potassium and other things like Iron are within normal range. Not sure what to do at this point or how to get her long full hair back!

Miss Sheikh

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Hey, hi
i think u need to try this home remedy
in a bowl.... take 5-6 tablespoons of fresh onion juice... nd add 1 tablespoon of castor oil... massage it for 2-3 minutes... leave it for about 2 hours nd rinse it well with ur regular shampoo.... nd if the smell doesnt goes off... thn.. spray some revatilizer...
Its totally based on my personal experience .
Hope it would help