Excessive Shedding Again after 9 months Oral Minoxidil, need Adjunct Treatment?


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Hi all,
I am a post menopausal woman with Androgenic alopecia for 20+ years but it got worse in menopause.
Treating with estrogen and progesterone but also now Oral Minoxidil 1.25 mg.
Oral minoxidil has been GREAT but at 9 months the shedding started again and the Dr. said it is not typical until about a year.
Have any of you had this?
It feels like I am losing it all again. :(
I see a leading researcher and he said adding topicals won't help.
Consider a transplant... well that won't work as donor hair is too fine/thin and diffuse thinning all over.

I am considering adding .5 dutasteride 1x weekly based on some research "but" finasteride did nothing for my hair over a year and caused severe depression. Glad my new Doctor pulled me off it. He is not a fan of it for women.
I am desperate to stop this shedding and hoping to figure it out.
I had Covid last summer and excessive shedding but this year not that i know of.

Ferritin, iron, thyroid, hormones all are ok.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions!