Eurpoean vs. American women and hair loss


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Hi everyone, so glad to have this site as losing hair is not fun as we all know :D Just wondering, I lived in Switzerland two years ago (before starting to lose hair) and was wondering if anyone else had noticed a difference between European and American women. Women there (especially women under 40) don't seem to lose their hair. I love this country, but it does seem we get a raw deal on certain things. Overall stress levels in the US are through the roof compared with Switzerland. (Pre 9/11 as well) Fresh and tasty fruits, vegetables, healthy salads, whole grain breads etc are difficult to avoid, not difficult to find as they are here. Packaged foods aren't so common (though that may be changing), Mcdonald's is very expensive and sugar isn't in everything. This is true throughout Europe (not the UK though). My naturopathic doctor believes that women's hair loss can be stress (over time) hormones and vitamin deficinices. Not as in what a medical doctor would measure, but something that builds up over time. Does anyone agree? I'm not saying that this would amount to any miracle cure. But has anyone had any luck changing their diet considerably? Or do people generally eat the same and stay the same stress-wise? There must be something else going on, for so many of us to be suffering this without a "real" cause and at so young an age (20's ?!?). Best of luck to everyone!
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Hey Dragonflygirl - I don't know if you still login and chat but I'll take my chances. You bring up some very interesting points about nutrition and hair loss. I myself am trying to combat about a year of undernourishing my body right now. I didn't eat very much meat or vegetables....I was and still am a carb craver, but since I have noticed my thinning hair I have made a change.

Could my low Iron and Protein consumption be killing my hair????

I started a regimin of getting my daily protein, veggies and am taking Vitamins - I don't know how its going to affect my hair just yet - but physically I feel great and my stress level have drammatically decreased, which could help if I'm suffering from Telogen Effluvium. The derm went to see chalked this up as Androgenetic Alopecia but I don't know if I value her opinion very much.

How has your hair loss been going? And what is your regimen?