Does This Loss Look Like Aa Or male pattern baldness?


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I posted this the other day but didn't get many replies.

A little background, I've been losing hair since I was 19, I'm 21 and have been using minoxidil and nizoral for 15 months and finasteride for 9. In this time I have seen my hair get far worse and receding in standard male pattern baldness pattern. However as my hair got worse I began to buzz it with no guard. The first buzz I noticed thin patches all over the back of my head and thought I just gave myself a bad haircut.

However with every haircut past this the same spots were always there, and it even seems Like new ones have appeared. Now I don't think it's alopecia areata because the spots never became slick bald. The sides of my head are even getting much thinner around my ears. Attached are the pictures, the lighting doesn't show it as severe but I believe you guys get the idea.


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