Do You Like To Try Wig With Clip-in Bangs


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My problem is my hairline. My hair isn't thin at all, honestly, I think it's a little bit thick. The problem is my hairline, it's just too deep which leads to a wide forehead which makes me really embarrassed. So I'm excited when I know that Hairvivi released wig with clip-in bangs, which makes me see the future of my hair.... I have bought several wigs from this company before, and they haven't let me down so far.
I even considered cutting my wig to create a bang look to hide my forehead even though I know it's a risk for me. And I also searched on the beauty supply store to find some bangs, but they neither match well with my real hair nor my wig. But now the Hairvivi clip in bangs changed my mind. I can buy wigs with bangs from them and have no worries about matching problems. So I would like to know if you have the same bothers with me and would you like to wear a bang or not, pls also share the reasons.