Can Whey Protein Speed Up Hair Loss?


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Gains>Hair. The more you exercise, the easier accepting hair loss becomes. I doubt whey protein/amino acids accelerates hair loss much. Just make sure you're using a clean product from a reputable company, and you should be fine. And before you think about substituting with plant protein, do some research. Lead and other heavy metals have been detected in many popular, plant protein brands. If I recall, I think it has something to do with the manufacturing process and/or the soil they use, but it's worth researching.


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I am unsure of this. But I think that this is possible. I recently read that bilkovy products are generally poorly respected by our body.


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The only way whey proteine may be affecting hair loss, is if it is already mixed with other stuff. Not all whey proteins are just that, some may have creatine, for example. And other sustances.

But, even if you are worried about creatine incerasing DHT levels, I dont think it can do anything vs finasteride or dutas decreasing those DHT levels (this is something I would like to see a study about).


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Given the mammalian estrogren in dairy I actually can see it being beneficial to hair rather than damaging. Most likely it will have no effect though.