Can I Have Some Thoughts On My Hair Loss And What Likely Caused It?


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For 2 years I have taken one 40 mg pill of accutane per week. My derm is ok with this and I regularly get blood work done. 1 yr ago I also started taking B5 and the combo had been amazing for my skin considering I used to have severe cystic acne resistant to most treatment. I was also not having any side effects so all was great.

3 months ago the brand of accutane I was taking got switched and my hair began to shed. I was just dealing with it and was planning to switch back to the other brand in a bit.

Then 1 month ago I got sick and had to take 2 antibiotics, several diflucan, steroids, and tons of cold medication. All of a sudden my little bit of shedding turned into massive shedding. Even my body hair fell out.

So I decided to completely stop the new accutane brand and have been off any accutane for a month. My hair is still shedding, but less, and my body hair is starting to grow back in certain places. I’m honestly not sure what caused the massive shed. I’m very anxious about it because my hair is now so thin my scalp is peeping through. I’m very worried the B5 I’m taking could also be contributing, but before this whole ordeal I thought it was actually helping my hair. But now I’m paranoid about everything. But I think if it was the B5 my body hair wouldn’t be growing back, right? I really don’t want to stop taking it because it helps my skin so much and my skin breaking out causes just about as much anxiety as hair loss for me. Thoughts?

Sorry I know this is very long. I appreciate anyone that reads this because I’m really struggling with all this right now.

Also I should mention I’m a PA. I work on a clinic and will be getting my blood drawn to check thyroid, iron, etc. this coming week. I also have had several episodes of telegenic effluvium before. My hair is very sensitive.