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Hi everybody!
let me start a new topic using a definition of new class of women having hair loss: the blah class

( this name came from a message posted by blah in ... 1017601863)

So a blah class is the small majority of women which do respond well to DHT inhibitors.

See if we can describe better blah class.

1) Are women in blah class really a small majority?
I sure belong to it

2) Is hair loss in blah class due to androgen imbalances? If yes, what does it mean?

3) Where this androgen imbalances can be spotted?
All my lab analysis are OK

4) Last but not least, which is the therapy for blah class?
a) Minoxidil+Diane 35 (derm + gyno suggested)
b) Proscar 1/4 a day in cycles (another derm suggested)
c) Flutamide: 125g a day (endocr suggested)

ciao all