Best concealer. Period!


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I think I marginally prefer couvre to dermatch... yeah it's messier but Dermatch seems to make my hair look powdery, even with gels and wax in


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ive tried just about all these products and ive noticed something.
the powder products have less irritation in the head. when i
use couvre or dermmatch my scalp gets really itchy, and ive
lost a lot more hair cause of it..


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Thinning Sucks said:
Couvre is really unbelievable for those who have not tried.

I simply have never been able to use it. I tried for a few weeks and just couldn't get it at all.

Make some video footage. :)


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Ok here is my experience (and good tips!) with Toppik, Kerasome, Dermatch and Couvre... First of all let me say that my only hair problem is around the front and a tad on the sides, my hairline is in tact but i experience a bit of general thinning. The thinning is not noticible if my hair is dry and down but I like to gel my hair and have it spiked up so when my hair is wet/geled the thinning is definatly noticible... it's not the same it was 2-3 years ago that's for sure... so this is when I started experimenting with concealers:

1) TOPPIK - This is my number 1 FAVORITE for everyday use! You MUST use the Toppik Spray Maximizer if you're going to use Toppik at all!! I cannot stress how this tiny invention has revolutionized the way the Toppik product is used. I see people who talk about how "messy" it is, they are obviously not using the spray maximizer. I couldn't imagine just sprinking this stuff on my head it would never work. Toppik with the spray maximizer is the only way to go for success with this product, trust me.

My secret to using Toppik: After I gel and style my hair I take the nozzle and "spray" a fine mist of hair fibers inside my hair into all the thinning spots. The mist is very fine and light that some of it falls on my forehead and I don't even notice. So after I am totally done styling my hair and using the toppik, I take a wet napkin and wipe the fine fibers off my forehead and off I go!

Toppik Pros:
a) My Toppik regimine takes about 30 seconds.
b) No one has ever noticed.
c) 1 bottle lasts a long time (provided you use the spray maximizer!) and $19.95 at for a regular size is well worth the money to me.
d) This has never "fell out" or "rubbed off against something" for me since the spray maximizer makes the fibers so fine and so precise that you use less and they stick better. I have slept at peoples houses without incident, but then again my thinning case isn't that severe so I don't use AS much as others, but noticible enough to me that it makes me very self concious.
e) This product is fantastic for the hairline (only with spray maximizer!).
f) I sweat at the gym and it doesn't come off, only I can't shower there like I used to.
g) NO scent whatsoever, very allergy friendly (this is a big thing for me!).

Toppik Cons:
a) I would not trust this at all to get caught in the rain and obviously NOT for swimming. I have no idea what I'd do if I ever got caught in the rain with this but I imagine it would be embarassing.
b) You may experience light itchyness on occasion and if you do scratch your head some light fibers may come off on your fingers that you can quickly flick off.
c) The fibers do not exactly look like real hairs, it's almost like dust and I can see how it would give a dull appearance to your hair if you didn't gel your hair the way I do.

Final Verdict on Toppik: Toppik with the spray maximizer is the best concealer for your typical work or school day. It is the fastest and least messiest of all 3, just make sure to bring an umbrella if you anticipate rain.

2) KERASOME - On the website it says you are supposed to use the Kerasome hair powder along with some sort of gel to rub into your hair. Although I was satisfied with my Toppik regimin, I decided to give Kerasome a try and use it the same way I use toppik, by just working with the powder and nothing else. This review is my experience with the Kerasome powder alone, not the way you are "supposed" to use it.

My secret to using Kerasome: This isn't really "my secret", but it has been mentioned on this forum once or twice that by replacing the Toppik fibers in the spray container with the Kerasome fibers that supposedly you will have a "superior product" since the Kerasome fibers are supposed to be "better".

Kerasome Pros:
a) Honestly, the only positive I can think about this product is that the fibers do have a SLIGHTLY less "dull" apearance to them compared with Toppik.

Kerasome Cons:
a) PRICE! $60 for 1 container the same size as Toppik is too much sorry and I do not benefit from their monthly shipments at $40 because one of these containers would last me much longer than 1 month.
b) Does not work well with the Toppik spray bottle as mentioned on this forum. Sorry but my experience with this product is that these fibers are much thicker than Toppik, they barely come out of the spray and when it does it looks clumpy on my hair line.
c) Fibers fall EVERYWHERE! I was so used to the Toppik spray fibers sticking right in place all day just with my hair gel alone which I have used for the past year and a half. To my dismay when I got home I saw that Kerasome fibers had fallen to my forhead and as I leaned forward to eat my dinner, I noticed that the Kerasome fibers were falling into my food and I was eating them. I haven't felt this horrible about my hair situation in a long time and I felt truly pathetic.
d) Just like Toppik I would not trust this at all to get caught in hard rain and obviously NOT for swimming.
e) Just like Toppik, you may experience light itchyness on occasion but UNLIKE Toppik, if you do scratch your head MANY fibers will come off on your fingers and they are NOT as easy to flick off. They will also most likely fall on your forhead and face too.
f) Texture, I have regular wavy/straight hair but the texture of these fibers seemed to resemble someone with "kinky" or "curly" hair. It led me to believe that this product might be good for African Americans or someone with that type of hair, but since my hair is not like that, this product is no good for me. Not to sound mean but it felt like I was spraying chopped pubic hairs onto my hairline.

Final Verdict on Kerasome: I do NOT recommend you use Kerasome fibers with the Toppik spray bottle AT all for your hairline as mentioned in this forum before. This product may work for the rest of your head along with the cream or gel it's advertised with but I wouldn't know since I haven't tried it that way. If you are African American and/or have that "kinky" or "curly" type of hair just like the guy in their demo video then you might want to give this product a shot because it may work for your type of hair, but overall I am not excited about the Kerasome hair fibers.

3) COUVRE: - This was the first concealer I ever tried. I thought the concealer was great, but the applicator it came with made the process so tedious, messy and basically a total waste of time, so I made my own great invention instead! Instead of the applicator, I use disposable rubber gloves (like the ones a dentist or doctor uses, not dishwashing lol).

My secret to using Couvre: I put on a disposable rubber glove, put a small amount of couvre on my fingertip and rub it into my scalp in all the places I'm thinning. This makes the application process soo much easier, faster and practically mess free. After I'm done applying, I run my fingers through my hair a few times with my glove on that way all excess Couvre comes off. Then I style my hair as usual and that's it. The disposable rubber glove can be washed and used again a few times.

Couvre Pros:
a) I could trust Couvre more during light rain than Toppik.
b) For me, the application process is easier than Dermatch. I think that may be due to my little glove invention plus the fact that it's a lotion makes it easier to apply.
c) No one has ever noticed.
d) The tube lasts a long time and $19.95 at is well worth the money to me.
e) Doesn't come off sweating at the gym.

Couvre Cons:
a) Application is about 10 min which is about the same for any type of hair "make up", for me at least. Also the process has the potential of being a bit messy.
b) As for hard rain or swimming I don't know. It's hard to tell because I've never been in a watery situation with any of these products, but it does come off fairly easy in the shower giving me the impression it might not hold well against hard rain or swimming.
c) You may experience some itchyness on occasion and if you do scratch your head, your fingernails will turn to whatever color your Couvre is and this does not come off that easily. If you're not careful, you may be walking around with "dirty fingernails" all day and for those of you with brown hair it might not be cute =x lol.
d) Contrary to what the website says I can definatly see this product having the potential of "rubbing off" on an object like a pillow, hat or towel.
e) Be very careful with your hairline! This product has the potential of making your hairline look fake. Using Dermatch's applicator with Couvre for the hairline would be perfect.
f) The smell!! Oh my god this stuff smells like burnt rubber and that is one of the key reasons why I went from using this daily to using Toppik. If you have allergies to fragrances, you may want to stay away from this especially since this smell is not pleasant at all.

Final Verdict on Couvre: Some people have used this stuff for years and love it, I think it has some room for improvement. If you really want "hair make up", want a product that's easy to apply and can get over the smell, then this is probably a great product for you. If you have allergies, think the smell is too much or are concerned about being economical, then try Dermatch first.

4) DERMATCH: - Longing for the days where I used to dive in the pool, actually swim at the beach, get wet on a water ride at Six Flags, take a shower at my lovers house or get caught in the pouring rain just for the fun of it without a worry in the world, I decided to try Dermatch in hopes that during a "soaking wet" situation I'd still have the appearance of a full head of hair without any thinning or worries whatsoever.

The Secret to Using Dermatch: Sadly, I have not learned the "art" of applying Dermatch. I tried to do it once with the little application stick and it was just not working.. maybe it was too wet, maybe it was too dry, I just don't know. I then decided to use my "plastic glove trick" that I used with Couvre by rubbing my finger on dermatch with the glove on then rubbing it into the thinning areas. Then I ran my fingers through my hair with the glove on to rub the excess off, and afterwards I styled my hair as usual. I had better results with the glove but not without making a disaster in the bathroom, my sink was stained for weeks.

Dermatch Pros:
a) The number 1 huge difference between this and Couvre is that the smell is MUCH more bearable. Dermatch has a very light, soft, pleasant, powdery scent, does not aggrevate my allergies at all and once it's on, there's definatly no smell at all.
b) The second huge notable difference between Dermatch is that for $29.95 you get 1 disk that will probably last you about 3 times longer than both Toppik and Couvre combined.
c) As far as my "soaking wet" nostaglia goes, I have yet to be in a "soaking wet" situation, but the product does last longer than Couvre. I showered and lightly wet my hair and did not need to re-apply even after 2 days.
d) If there's at least one good selling point, I would say that the little application sticks that come with Dermatch are great to use for the hairline. It's probably the best "hair make up" product for the hairline.
e) Does not come off in sweat.
e) Many people here swear by this product, if you're thinking about using this, give it a shot, maybe you have better luck than me.

Dermatch Cons:
a) I feel this product is harder to put on and requires an "art". This turned out to be a lot messier than Couvre for me, but again maybe I was doing something wrong? To me, the perfect product would be this product, with these results but in the liquid form that Couvre is in.
b) You may experience some itchyness on occasion and if you do scratch your head, your fingernails will turn to whatever color your Dermatch is and this does not come off that easily. Again, if you're not careful, you may be walking around with "dirty fingernails" all day.
c) Contrary to what the website says I can see this product having the potential of "rubbing off" on an object like a pillow, hat or towel but Dermatch might be stronger than Couvre here not sure.
d) I really don't know what's meant by "you can go swimming". Does this mean you can dive head first at the ocean in the beach for about an hour? Or does it mean you can do a few laps at the pool? To me, I was expecting this product to be "the product" to use when I'm going to be soaking wet in public. It *MIGHT* be able to handle 1 or 2 careful laps at the pool, but as far as submerging yourself in water at all I just don't know, I've never been confident enough to try and I'm still waiting to hear more people's experience with this while wet before I even think about trying it.

Final Verdict on Dermatch: If you can master the "art" of using this product bravo to you, you're lucky. If not, and you still wan't to use "hair make up" for one of those "in case I might get a little wet situations", then use Couvre as a second good alternative.

Overall Hair Concealer Verdict: There is no "best product". I feel there is a good product for different occasions or for your type of hair. For your average "get up and go" day, I strongly suggest you use Toppik with the spray maximizer! (or put a different "sprinkle" brand in the Toppik bottle, if you feel it's better). For those days you want some extra long lasting coverage "in case you might get a little wet" and have the 10-20 minutes in the morning to spare for the application process alone then go with a "hair makeup" such as Dermatch or Couvre based on whether you think the pros outweigh the cons on whichever one you choose. So in any case, I think everyone experiencing hair loss should own BOTH a "sprinkle" and a "hair make up". It's a small price to pay for being worry free for the day.


hey chris . great post. you know what . i had that spray maximizer. but it didnt work. lol i just used it wrong. you have to switch top and bottom , then it works. i hope you know what i mean. shoulda read the manual. hehe. i had it for about 5 month or something now but never used it coz i thought it didnt work anymore :/. but now im gona start using it. cant wait for tomorow morning to use it. :)

and as for the kerasome. its really better than toppik. so give it a try even if its more expensive.


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Hey helpme007 thanks. Not sure what you mean by top and bottom? Make sure you remove the little sprinkle cover at the top and just screw on the spray cap it's pretty easy. If you like to gel your hair or give it volume, this is the perfect way to fill in the gaps.

Thanks for the tip with Kerasome :) I really want to try it. Are you enrolled in their membership program thing? I want to enroll so I get it for $39.95, but it will definatly last me more than 45 days. What happens if you cancel the membership do they charge you extra?


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hey helpme007 and everyone else, I posted a review on using Kerasome with the Toppik spray bottle and as you can tell I was not too pleased.


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I had hair grafts in front. I have corse brown hair in front, but it is maybe 1/2 density if that, 1.5 inches (3-4cm) back. In fact my whole front 3 inches is thin. Right behind my grafts I have light colored newly thinning hair. I'd like to color them darker. Right above my temples I have about 1.5 inches square of scalp showing through the 40 grafts/cm2. I'd like to hide it a bit with maybe dermatch, but don't want to look rediculous. I'm willing to start 1/2 inch back and fade, but I'm just wondering what I'll look like in sun light. Yeah, I guess looking good at an in doors party would be good too, though. I don't think I'm a topike candidate. Probably a dye or dermmatch, though maybe a thickening shampoo. Thanks.


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I no longer think dermmatch would show through my hair in the sun unless it looked very unnatural or shiny. I would like to know if it sticks to the hair shaft, though, and if it can be applied to diffuse hair. I hope the answers are no and yes, though it would be nice if it dyed my light hairs as a bonus.


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Hey CCS, have you ever used Couvre before? I think Dermatch gives the same effect as Couvre, ecept that with Dermatch, it is up to you to be more of the "artist". This means that you can use less or more water to acheive the results you want. You can even experiment with different application tools, I myself own a box of plastic gloves and I reuse many of them daily.. I have a pair for applying rogaine foam, another for couvre/dermatch and another for tanning moisturizer(check out my new concealer invention thread -

So Dermatch may or may not make your scalp look shiny, it depends on a lot of things like your hairstyle, how much water you use ect.. I don't have grafts so I can't tell you. Also, why don't you think you are a Toppik candidate? You can always use BOTH. Use the dermatch then spray over with toppik and you def won't have any shine like that.. I'm pretty sure.