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Dear HairLossTalk Member:

HairLossTalk Forums Are Different

There are a lot of existing forums on the web which specialize in drama. They've made it their modus operandi to declare who is awesome, and who sucks as a hair transplant doctor. Not surprisingly, their forums are also one huge Jerry Springer show.

While it is useful to know who is doing quality work, and who isn't, this can be seen by doing proper research and evaluating patient results. Right now the industry has had plenty of online trolling and reputation-ruining. They are looking for a place where they can share their results in peace. This is what I would like HairLossTalk to be.

Our goal is to be an information source for you. And provide you with options for your hair loss problem.

If you are here trying to "call out" a doctor, or posting comments which qualify as snarky or filled with reputation-ruining innuendo, we would ask that you please go to the forums where this kind of behavior is encouraged. Because it's not welcome here.

Current State of Hair Transplant Forums

For some reason in the "Hair Transplant Discussion Forum" world there are an inordinate number of troll accounts spreading negativity across all the websites. Sometimes it's competing clinics and their army of online influencers. Most of the time it's a dissatisfied patient who has made it their life goal to instill fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of people so nobody considers that doctor.

Even random threads posted by surgeons are inundated with "get lost butcher" and other outlandish crap that we are not going to put up with here.

The Doctors are Fed Up

It has gotten to the point that no Hair Transplant Doctors are willing to participate on forums anymore, for fear that someone will ruin their clinic reputation and damage their ability to do business. These trolls (and sometimes legitimate users who are just unhappy) have damaged the value of these Discussion Forums, and rendered them one of the most disliked places online, for even the most reputable Hair Transplant Surgeons.

Our forums are different. This is not a "Courtroom" where Surgeons will be tried and found guilty or innocent. Publicly flogged or heralded, based on our whims, or subjective criteria. We are not arbiters of right and wrong and this forum is not a Stadium where battles will be hosted. We are an information source. And everyone has the right to participate in peace. To share information in a calm, professional manner.

If you have any complaints about a clinic or doctor presented on this site, you are expected to contact that clinic offline or pursue the channels made available to you by society to handle such conflicts. Whether they include the Police, the Better Business Bureau, or an actual Courtroom.

In Conclusion

The simple fact is: I can't tell who's legitimate and who's not, when they post something salty. So I'm not going to deal with it in the first place. I don't have the time or energy to do forensic investigating to determine if Trash Talker #1 is real and Trash Talker # 2 is hired to spread misinformation and fear.

There simply will be no trash talkers.

In summary: only helpful, positive, and constructive posts will be tolerated in this section of the forums. Purely because of the ridiculous number of trolls that have completely ruined the other forums hosting these topics.

If everyone was honest and acted normal with no ulterior motives, we wouldn't have to adopt this rule. But unfortunately the human race hasn't evolved to that level yet.

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