Balding/receding Hairline Or Shitty Hairline Since Birth 15 Years Old.


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Hi, I'm 15 years old I have a problem with my hairline. It looks like receding, some of my family are bald. My hairline was strange when I was a child. I grow my hair and when I wear a manbun, I look like a balding man. Which stage norwood? below the pictures from my life. Hairs look pretty decent all of the time.
1,2 Photo - 8-9 yo
3,4,5,6- now
7,8- 2 years ago
9- about 5 months ago


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Hahahah, sorry i have hard OCD about my hairline. I feel better now. I think I have to go to a psychologist hahahahha. I will not make spam anymore buddy
Haha,I'm not pissed bud. That's just for shits and giggles. Trust me you're fine,you don't need anything right now. As I said,go watch bdsm p**rn or play minecraft in your mum's basement or something like that . You're too young to be hanging around forums like these and it'll certainly be detrimental to your mental health. I want the best for you hence I'm saying this and this is the truth,the other members will also agree with me on this. You're fine.:)


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Yeah,other 'possibly balding' posters usually use this clichéd 'shitty hairline' phrase a lot to console themselves which the forum members don't buy at all. I think you're the first genuine case of '''born with a shitty hairline'.
Haha yea I'm starting to see a lot of that since I joined the forum... although I definitely think I fall in to the category of "born with a shitty hairline" too xD


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Wear a hat lol nah. You could get a transplant or a forehead reduction but I really wouldn't even be close to thinking about that at your stage.

Some fact most people aren't born with low dead-straight hairlines. Don't stress about it.


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If anything your hair looks better now than it ever were born with a norwood 2, most children have a juvenile hairline.....seen loads of kids like this when i was a child and they keep the same hair all their life.


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I think it's combination of both. Poverty hairline since birth + some receding makes it seem worse than it really is. If you were born with a juvenile hairline, you probably would have been a 1.5 or 2 now.

It's better to compare to pictures of your hairline and temple, if you have them, when you were 9 or 10.


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I was thinking the same thing. As a kid that Norwood 2 looked weird, now it looks normal. I'd say he's a Norwood 2.5 now especially based on the latter pictures: on stage, black and blue t shirt. The lack of temple points amplify it and it does look balding to me. It goes too far back at the corners.

I don' think he ever had temple points.

People always concentrate on the hairline and the corners but this serves to demonstrate just how important temple points are in maintaining a youthful apearance.

Certainly a peculiar case though