Any minoxidil non-responders here who are now responding with microneedling & minoxidil?


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How much did you take/what happened?
I started out with 5mg and after a week my body started getting stiff, my heartbeat was faint, wanted to throw up, and was dizzy. I stopped for those reasons and let my body go back to normal. A couple weeks later I tried 2.5mg and after a little over two weeks I felt sick again like before. I stopped again and let everything go back to normal. The last time I tried was a dose of 0.5mg and that seemed fine for about a month or a little more. One day I was walking to the movie theater and realized that I was struggling a little to breath but nothing at all major. I just decided to stop with oral minoxidil and would advise anyone to give 0.25mg a chance before anything higher. This drug does have an effect on blood pressure, heart, etc. Everyone is different and one drug doesn’t affect everyone the same.


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So you mean you were a non responder to minoxidil? Now that you added microneedling your getting slightly visible results at the 2 month mark? I just want to make sure I understand. Tretinoin 0.1% might be way too much. I think the usual dosage for hair to avoid vitamin A overdosed follicles, skin irritation, and increased sulta1a for better minoxidil efficacy is tretinoin 0.01% - 0.025%. Retinol might be good at 0.1% because it has to go through a three stage conversion process before being converted to retinoic acid or generic tretinoin. Only a small amount of retinol turns into retinoic acid. At least that’s what the stuff I have been reading claims.
Regarding my cheeks...yes. I tried Tretinoin 0.05 but that was not the game changer. I didn’t see a big progress. After switching to 0.1 tretinoin that was a boost.