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Hey everyone, like many others here losing my hair has sucked (big suprise). I've gone over a lot of the other new guys posts which have been pretty helpful but I've still got some questions.

First up I'm curious as to how much freedom we have in selecting hair types, common sense is telling me that it would have to be as simillar as possible, but I'm wondering with longer hair styles if it's possible to go down the route of a slightly different hair type, ideally slightly thicker strand wise.

Next question is are any of you guys aware of any reputable places that will walk me through the process of (hopefully) getting one made to order around Melbourne, Australia (willing to travel within reason). As far as cost I'm not overly concerned given the potential benefit gained.

I know it's probably been asked a million times, but how convinving are these things in person? I understand that everyone I know is going to be able to tell strait away by merit of there being more hair, and I'm not afraid of wearing it so to speak. But I'd prefer the response from telling people to be of surprise rather than concern...



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There is a thread or two about guys finding someone they trust in Melbourne, you should search the forum.

As for convincing... it depends on how drastic a change you will be making, and the quality, cut and fit of what you are buying.

If you make sure that the color, texture, and density are a good match to your current hair, you will be more successful. Having a good hairline is another.


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Hi Johan

The manufacturers group hair types by ethnicity - you can ask for Chinese (East Asian) hair, or Indian hair, or European type hair or African hair. The Chinese and Indian hair actually does come from those countries. The hair sold to Europeans and Americans (and white Australians) is normally Indian-sourced hair processed to feel more like European hair.

That is the normal range of offerings. Then on top of that there are specialist hair dealers who can source particular types of hair, such as real European hair, or unprocessed blond or white hair. Those specialist products are usually very expensive, and you would probably have to source the hair yourself and get it made up specially.

May I ask, are you looking for thicker hair because of your ethnicity, or for some styling purpose?

As BaldBearded says, if you get (and maintain) a good colour match, and you get a good cut-in, and you don't go overboard on the density, and you keep up the maintenance, they can be pretty much 100% visually undetectable. They have come a very long way from the toupees of the 1980s.

I will PM you some thoughts about Melbourne.