Advice Needed From Those Who Use Tape For Bonding.


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We are not talking about allergy here, but that is the only answer the producers and sellers have for you automatically, when you ask about toxicity. It's difficult finding the correct term to use.
I would agree that the concern should not be about allergy. When they advertise and boast about being hypoallergenic or medical grade it gives false impression that it's safe.. All hypoallergenic means is lower chance of allergic reaction... by definition...... there is no specific definition of medical grade.... nevertheless it is typically used to describe a "cosmetic/beauty" product that was manufactured in a sterile environment..... as contamination in medical equiptment is a big no no... so by definition that would satisfy 1 criteria of a medical product.. but it's really just a fluff word to give the impression of safety for a consumer product that was never intended to be... nor is used in any medical settings.


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There is a Russian company that sells a line of products called "SeboCalm", which they claim is "hypoallergenic". I tried an anti dandruff cream that had such strong perfumes, that I was ill. I contacted the company and they said that the the product was hypoallergenic, and that they didn't "believe" that being sensitive to fragrance is considered an "allergy".

Buyer beware.