A little bit of wig/hat fall advice!


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If you're new to the wig world you might find that sometimes wearing your full wig is a little bit too much for you. It might be too warm or too heavy etc. A great alternative to wearing a full wig is a hat fall!
Some of the best parts of a hat fall:
  • Same Premium Quality - The hat fall does not compromise in quality, design or durability. Every hat fall is made using 16 inches of luxurious human hair which means they provide ultimate longevity and of course, the very best and most natural look possible
  • Ease of use - One of the biggest draws to the hat fall is just how easy they are to fit. If you are nipping out to the shops or running a quick errand there is no need to spend a while fitting and perfecting your wig. With the hat fall you just slip it on with your choice of headwear and your good to go.
  • Comfort and support - The hat fall is supported with a silicone ear tab covered to ensure grip, comfort and softness. There is also no wig cap so say goodbye to itchy and hot heads. Your hat fall will no have no breathability issues and your head will be cool and airy throughout the Summer and on hotter days.