$500 Human Hair Topper Suggestions?


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Looking for a topper that will blend with my natural hair, even before thinning, it was super fine and low density. I feel most hair wigs/toppers us chinese or indian hair that has much different thickness and texture than my european hair.

Are there any sites that sell european hair toppers for less than $500? My hair is 11 inches long, so a 12 inch would be perfect, what size base? Here are photos with a measuring tape. There is hair on top and it is healthy and strong, just thin, my natural blonde and fine hair makes it look less than it there is on top. Been on Finasteride for 10+ years and so even the thinning spots has string healthy hair.

Or maybe just recommendations for sites that have low density human hair toppers for less than $500.

At less than $500 am I only looking at Remy Hair or is it possible to get virgin hair at that price?