3a-HSD (3alpha-hydroxysteroid reductase)


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Brocolli sprouts are higher in sulforaphane. You cannot cook it. Chewing it releases enzyme. However gut needs certain bacteria to convert it. So, no benefit if you take antibotics. Possibly, probiotics will help with conversion. If you freeze it, the enzyme decays shortly after thaw. Sulforaphane concentrates in bladder. Thus mechanism for bladder cancer and prostate. Lowers dht like 50%, or is that the psa number.

During summer, tried growing brocolli sprouts, but only got maggots.

DHT blocker locally, never made sense to me. But maybe it works. You would need to try half of the head.

Natural stuff is 99% worthless for hair. Oral you can forget. If at all you need pure (synthetic) version of one compound and apply it topically.
I bet brokkoli got also some flavonoids which block cox that also inhibits the super beneficial pge2.