2% Nizoral for 5 month everyday


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rkim said:
dude, nizoral isn't going to reverse your hairloss.

No, but if it is blocking the cause of his hair loss, then his body could regrow it naturally. Bottom line is that only ones body can "regrow" hair. All you can do is simply stop the cause.


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grove12345 said:
ive used it for a while back in the day. maybe 3xs a week. That stuff DESTROYED my hair, and i mean my whole head of hair. I had to shave everything off for about a month. Luckily it all the hair i lost grew back in the following months.

I caution people who want to try nizoral for hair growth.

I stopped my greasy dandruff and shedding by using very natural watered down shampoos only 2x a week.
Mate please be more specific, if your gonna scare people like this at least say HOW is destroyed your hair?

Thinning Sucks

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Any further daily use 2% updates?...just picked up some foreign 2%...maybe I'll try everyday for a while. Need to make some things happen here soon. :sobbing:


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The best results I ever had in fighting hairloss was during a time where I used nizoral every single day 2 years ago.

I actually stopped taking finasteride due to sides and simply gave up everything else, I had started treatments far too late, the nizoral made the biggest difference when I was on them though.


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Heya, sorry for reviving this thread after a while but I just wanted to say thanks for posting it! I am terrible with being impatient and giving up / freaking out too easy, and your approach has made me realize that as long as I have faith in my choice of regimen (as I do with my current one I'm building up) I need to just relax, keep doing it, and give thr scalp and follicles time to adjust! It's so tempting to give up on something after just a week or 2 without results, but you gotta stick to it!

Oh, how long into nizoral was it that you noticed a decrease in shedding renren (if you're still around at all!)? I actually get a fair amount of dandruff with male pattern baldness even with Nizoral (well, actually I use a generic 2% keto shampoo from Boots), so I may have to start using T-Gel as well daily too.

Anyway, thanks again for this thread, and let's see how this regimen works out for me! :)


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I used 2% Nizoral on and off for past 2-3 years when I didn't have any signs of male pattern baldness. I used it to fight dandruff. I applied it 1-2 times a week on average. It has likely improved the density of my hair and my hairline came down.

Recently genetics kicked in :( at the age of 35 and as a result during past 4 months I began experiencing the signs of male pattern baldness in the form of excessive shedding from all over the top of my scalp (estimated at 100 - 200 hairs a day).

I am going to start using Nizoral daily and see if it helps. I will probably give it at least a year if my scalp can handle it. I will probably never take propecia because my general health is definitely more important to me than my hair :)