17 And Really Worrying Over My Hair - Opinions Or Advice?


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Hey guys so i just recently turned 17 and for the past year or two ive been struggling hardcore with my hair. Ive always had a shitty hairline and widows peak since i was little but now i cant tell if im normal or not cause i feel like i look pretty f*****g wierd and im been way self conscious about myself .My dad is mostly bald in front but my moms parents arent anywhere close to hair loss. Ive been seing a therapist for unrelated reasons but now that i bring this up she says i have bdd and that i may not be delusional but im making it way bigger of a deal than it is. The poeple around me are getting frusttated sayinh i look fine and it doesnt matter and tbh Im getting kinda frustrated and tired being so down on myself so im trying to come to accept it but im curious about what is really going on. Advice or opinions cause im just curious at this point where i stand. Thanks y'all


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Hi 2feb103,
Your hair is still a Norwood 2 atm but the recession is there(you're not delusional).
You also appear to have no thinning in the corner of the hairline, which is why I think this could be a mature hairline for now.
When I say for now I mean, I think the hormonal change in your body has made your hairline move to a mature hairline.....
This doesn't mean you have male pattern baldness.
It could stay like this for the rest of your life.
I hope it does my friend.

Good luck.


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Norwood 2. You have receded a good bit but still looks good. Hair looks thick. How is your crown(


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It looks ok for now, but if you lose anymore hair, its the clippers for you. At least until you turn 18-19, hit all of the growth stimulants you can, minoxidil, laser hat, miracle grow, throw the kitchen sink at it. If you can fend off the norwood crypt keeper long enough, say, a couple of years, get on finasteride.