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    Hairloss Prevention While On Steroids

    Where did you guys get topical dutasteride from?
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    spironolactone is great paired with minoxidil because you get the diuretic effect from it. And jumping up in dosages helps suppress test so your skin and hair benefit even further. Be careful, I used it and apparently you can be allergic to the potassium sparring class of diuretics and I had...
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    Can anyone tell me where they source their oral minoxidil from? I have minoxidil sulfate powder and I’m thinking maybe I’m hyper sensitive to this and getting all the eye bag and facial edema sides from it..
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    Damn where are you guys sourcing yours from then? Inhouse?
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    2.5 twice a day for like five months and I used it with lasix(furosemide). Felt like garbage, looked worse so I dropped to 2.5 once a day and lost all gains I had which were very significant. I actually would scrunch my forehead and feel all the fluid in it. I must be the most sensitive person...
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    I don’t know how you guys stay on oral minoxidil. That stuff makes me so fatigued and my eye bags are legit insane. No diuretic could even help me
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    Dr Sergio Vano Protocol ; Low Dosage Oral Min ; I Really Need Yout Help

    Dude, I took 5-10mg all through October til now. My hair had rapid growth.. it was insane.. now I’m worse than baseline after about 7 months and my face/eyes are swollen non stop. That drug isn’t worth it.
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    Going Through A Shed With Oral minoxidil....

    I had straight regrowth for about 5-6 Months and now my hair is back to what it was/worse. Face is destroyed with fluid retention, tired as hell all the time.. all the small hairs that were growing towards my eye brows have all receded back too. I’ve been shedding now and returning to baseline ...
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    Just start low and be patient. I started on 2.5 and went up because my results were so good and then it literally destroyed my face and when I backed down, I lost all of my gains and now I just have fluid issues.
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    It doesn’t ALL go systemic that’s why it’s formulated that way.. I’ve done both as well. Oral minoxidil If egit will 100% cause facial swelling. It only took two weeks for my under eyes to swell and they are insane right now from it. I tried lasix for two months to relieve it and all that did...
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    Switching To Oral Minoxidil To Avoid Sides

    Get ready to have your under eyes swell up. I’m quitting it. Helped for four months than wore off and now I’m worse and my face is bloated with fluid retention. I used it since October. Goodluck
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    All 5mg Oral Minoxidil Users, Please Read

    I use 2.5mg a day and it helped rapidly for the first 4 months and then just ceased to work on my hair. Now I just have puffy eye swelling and fluid retention. Def isn’t worth it in my opinion.
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    Take A Look At What Oral Minoxidil Did To My Left Temple

    I’ve only been on oral minoxidil for 7 months too