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    When should you stop using minoxidil?

    I've been using topical minoxidil for 8 months on my hairline (5%, 2x/d), in addition to oral finasteride for almost 6 months (1mg/d). Personally I don't think the minoxidil is helping, seeing as my hairline keeps receding quite rapidly. The hair falls out, a few short wisps grow in its place...
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    Why does my hairline itch more when doing physical activity?

    It could be that, but I think it happens too quickly. If I get up from behind my desk my hairline starts burning within 5 seconds. That'd why I thought it must be related to blood flow.
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    Why does my hairline itch more when doing physical activity?

    Oh I am for sure suffering from male pattern baldness, and I know it itches in the areas where I'm losing hair. I already use both Nizoral and Regenepure DR. I was just wondering why the itching gets worse when I am physically active, especially after a period of sitting still. Might give me a...
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    Why does my hairline itch more when doing physical activity?

    It doesn't even have to be much activity. For example, after sitting still at my desk or on the couch for an hour or two, and then getting up and walking around, suddenly my hairline itches like crazy. It usually starts getting better after a few minutes. The more intense the physical activity...
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    Male pattern baldness and hair becoming curly

    Was this a prelude to the hair falling out for you? I'm a little worried because I'm getting curly hair in areas that aren't balding yet. Wondering if it's a sign of what's to come. From googling around a little it seems that this happens as a result of hormonal changes, making the follicles go...
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    Male pattern baldness and hair becoming curly

    Quick timeline: 9 months ago: first noticed hairline was receding 7 months ago: started using minoxidil (topical 5%, 2x/d) 4.5 months ago: started taking finasteride (oral, 1mg/d), vitamins and using nizoral (1-2x/w) I've been noticing some changes in my hair: Change in color (getting darker)...
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    male pattern baldness with periods of vastly increased shedding

    My hair loss seems to happen mostly in short bursts for some reason. For the most part it's stable, consistently losing a few hairs here and there, nothing crazy. But every so often I have a period of a few days to a week where I lose a lot of hair very quickly and I get constant itching. I'm on...
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    Can you ingest finasteride powder directly?

    I have fairly aggressive hair loss in my frontal hair line. Been on 5% minoxidil for 6 months and 1mg/day oral finasteride for 4 months. So far it hasn't stopped the hair loss or caused regrowth but it definitely helps to slow it down. Unfortunately I do get the typical side effects from...