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    Selling premixed KY19382. Also, how not to conduct a group buy

    Any news on this? The more I read the more it seems clear that wnt/beta caretine activation is the way to go around DHT blocking as it is a downstream effect... Thoughts/updates appreciated
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    Wounding: A blast from the past to curb your enthusiasm

    Costsarelis is back writing about wounds in a couple of recently published papers. He are some of the earth shattering findings after 15 years of wait: "Because a variety of factors, including environmental variables and choice of mouse strains, can affect the outcomes of a WIHN study, the...
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    Fasted Microneedling Protocol (FMP)

    @carsonjz : I am interested in the copper peptides. Which/Where do you get them from? It is theoretically useful and no known side effects.
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    finasteride and cialis (whats the risk?)

    please post link to the info you read. I am unaware of this and a bit skeptical.
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    Following historical “tracks” of hair follicle miniaturisation in patterned hair loss: Are elastin bodies the forgotten aetiology? Abstract Pattern hair loss (PHL) is a chronic regressive condition of the scalp, where follicular miniaturisation and decreased scalp hair coverage occurs in affected areas. In all PHL cases, there is a measurable progressive...
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    Nizoral/ 2% Ketoconazole side effects for anti-androgen sensitive crowd

    Nizoral is a weak antiandrogen. I wonder if people get side effects from it? I am sensitive to everything that inhibits DHT or binds to receptor.
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    Promotion of Hair Regrowth by Transdermal Dissolvable Microneedles Loaded with Rapamycin and Epigallocatechin Gallate Nanoparticles

    Abstract Interest in transdermal delivery methods for stimulating hair regrowth has been increasing recently. The microneedle approach can break the barrier of the stratum corneum through puncture ability and improve drug delivery efficiency. Herein, we report a dissolvable microneedle device...
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    Outcome of Autologous Cell-Based Therapy for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss

    Abstract In a clinical study of autologous cell-based therapy using dermal sheath cup (DSC) cells, the treatment of hair loss showed improvements. However, the outcomes were variable. Here, correlations between marker gene expression in DSC cells and treatment outcomes were assessed to predict...
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    paper: Adjuvant measures and genetic evaluations to improve results of hair transplantation

    Abstract Follicular unit extraction (FUE) has evolved dramatically as the most recent advancement in surgical hair restoration as it leaves a tiny scar and creates natural and pleasing results. This study aims to show the effectiveness of adjuvant measures and genetic evaluations in improving...
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    What happened two Follica Phase 3 study?

    My hunch is that whatever they got as results is not beating the tressless microneedling army.
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    Microneedling for Hair Loss. (WOW very interesting study)

    @mooreu care to respond to the above by thatslin?