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    What I Will Never Understand.... (does Anybody Know??)

    People on other forums called me crazy for saying hair is 50% of a man's looks.
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    Weird Stuff Happening On Left Temple And Bangs? Sign Of Balding?

    I would definitely not start medication at your age. No side effects is a lie. Your hairline looks like it could just be maturing. I also lost some hair in my temples as a teen and now in my late twenties I still have all my hair with just a bit of diffuse thinning on top.
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    How Important Is A Guy's Hair To Women?

    You don't think young women would be attracted to this?
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    This Shampoo Darkens Your Hair Slowly And Cures Grey Hair

    Darker hair will conceal the thinning better. Here are my results after a few months Before After
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    Today I Was Brutally Black Pilled...

    Damn the sexual marketplace is legit BRUTAL as a non-chad tier male.
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    What I Will Never Understand.... (does Anybody Know??)

    Because a head without hair is like a painting without a frame.
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    Life As A Balding Guy In Your 20s Is So Unrewarding. Has Turned Me Into A Bitter Loser.

    If bald guys couldn't get married and have children then the genes for baldness would have died out a long time ago. Most men go bald and most men manage to get married and breed.
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    Am I Norwooding In My Temple Region? (pics)

    I believe I have some diffuse thinning going on so I grew my hair longer last year to hide it, but now that I look at my temples it seems off. I'm worried. Does this look like I'm norwooding? I'm in my late twenties.
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    Do You Ever Stop To Think, Maybe It's Just Us?

    Do you think those bald 50 year olds are attractive to women?
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    How Important Is A Guy's Hair To Women?

    Take two identical guys. Above average face, 6 feet tall, social, outgoing, athletic, decent jobs, however one has a perfect head of silky NW0 hair with a male model haircut and the other guy is slick bald. How much more attractive would the guy with hair be to the opposite sex?
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    Connor Murphy In Big Trouble - Oh Boy

    This is the price he pays for using steroids. There's always a price to pay as a male if you try to cheat your genetics. Found a pic where he's not hiding his hairline. What norwood is this?
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    The Effect Of Baldness On Your Looks

    Here are some more examples 4
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    Might Actually Be Telogen Effluvium For Once??

    Do some pull tests on the top and see if any hairs are miniaturized.