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    One reason I can get away with a hair piece

    Well after you have read his posts for a few years, you never know, you might assume other opinions......
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    One reason I can get away with a hair piece

    CSS never ceases to amaze me........ :jackit:
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    Having a wig made out of my own hair- is it plausible?

    Save it for sending in for color samples.... The factory loves getting a nice chunk for a sample rather than the little wisps most people send them.
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    getting a toupee

    Scorpio, by now you should be wearing that hair you ordered. How did it go?
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    Toupee experts plz help --> IS THIS A WIG/TOUPEE??

    Both are wearing Wigs.... Dam are you blind or just gullable? If you think they look real and good, you will have no problem getting something nice for yourself. We should have no problem making you happy. Actually is easier to do a WIG in a longer style than it is to match a hair piece to...
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    What is this Procedure Called?

    Bonded ...... Glued to put it in simple terms. I'd be surprised if he didn't go MORE often, normal service intervals would be 2 weeks (Very oily scalp) 4-5 weeks (Normal) 8 weeks (Very dry Scalp). But with the hair growing at an average of 1/2 " per month... you need to keep things trimmed so...
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    Michael Jackson's Hair

    Well.... I'll have to give you that one. :punk: :punk: :agree:
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    Michael Jackson's Hair

    I am truly surprised that anyone, ANYONE could believe that all that Thick Long hair could be his own hair. Wake up folks and use your eyes and common sense.
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    What is the best, most comfortable, easiest wig regiment ?

    First Read back thru the 100's of messages on here and educate yourself. When you gather the knowledge already here, then you may be able to ask more specific questions related to your own situation.
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    Where is the best place to go for a hair piece?

    Re: Where is the best place to go for a hair peace? There are many good Hair Replacement centers, but it would be helpful if you mentioned where in the world you are located. Unless of course your willing to travel great distances. Which of course would not be recommended since your going to...
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    Philosophical thoughts about the wig…

    CCS fell off the logic wagon.????? I've watched him for years He's edgy! But I think he will make it.
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    Philosophical thoughts about the wig…

    THANKS! I was going to comment much the same way. But, I figured as you, if he didn't get it.... Well, what more could I say.
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    Philosophical thoughts about the wig…

    I lost sympathy for you when I read that. But men do bad stuff to nice gals too. Actually, there are nice men and bad men. Sometimes hard to tell apart because the bad ones always pretend to be nice until they have something over you, then they let it all out. Ideally the nice people should date...