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    Dandruff and hair loss

    A lot of factors are responsible for hair loss, can dandruff be one of them? Let’s find out. You may spend a lot of time and money taking care of your mane but if your scalp is unhealthy you will never get the hair of your dreams. Unsightly flakes on your neck and shoulder are not only...
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    Thoughts On Sulphate Free Shampoos ?

    With increased awareness about the harmful effects of sulfate, more and more women are looking for sulfate-free options and here’s why you should too: 1. It Keeps hair nourished: Now, you may think sulfate-free shampoos won’t cleanse your hair as effectively since they don’t lather. But, that’s...
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    What exactly is alopecia areata? And How can we treat?

    Alopecia areata is a disorder where you lose your hair in circular patches from the scalp, moustache and beard area. It can be a localised disorder or can even extend to other parts of your body. Alopecia can occur over the body as well. Both the sexes can suffer from this and it can also be...